Hola from Mallorca!
My name is Antonia and on behalf of my team I would like to welcome you to our local branch office situated near the beating heart of the Island, Palma de Mallorca. We invite you to browse this site dedicated to the beautiful island of Mallorca and I hope to see you soon!

Brands are strongest when they move people and awaken feelings. Therefore, brands must live and, above all, must convey experiences. And precisely for that reason we support you on site in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as on the Spanish mainland.

The maximice brand is led by our two Managing Partners, the Mallorcan Juan Miguel Caldentey and the German Markus Müller. And with great success, as the current roster of 30 international event professionals shows. Together we organise meetings, incentives, congresses and events for renowned agencies and companies from around the world. Our 360° Service – always on-brief, on-time and on-budget – is what convinces our clients.

From our head office in Mallorca we coordinate our units maximice events corporate, maximice events automotive and maximice events congress. To professionally carry out your events in Spain, we have own offices with experienced teams in Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia-Alicante, Marbella-Málaga, Madrid as well as together with a long-time cooperation partner in the Canary Islands. That multitude of offices and our on-the-spot insider knowledge enable us to stage extraordinary events on the Spanish mainland and all its islands. Always staying true to our slogan and philosophy: AIM HIGHER. So just let us know and we can aim higher together.



Her versatility is immediately apparent to everyone. The rugged coast in the north-west, the "Serra de Tramuntana" was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. It is in contrast with the wide bays to the south and the fine sand beaches to the north. In the heart of the island, in the small, romantic villages with countless windmills, life is still off the beaten track.

Quality of life in the capital

In the capital, Palma de Mallorca, on the other hand, the cultural heart of the Mediterranean region is striking. Nearly half of the Mallorquins live in this exciting city. The narrow streets of the old town can be easily explored on foot and there are numerous galleries and museums that offer outstanding exhibitions and concerts all year round. The newly designed Congress Palace is to become the contemporary, architectural landmark of the island. The spectacular seafront location also contributes to making Palma one of the best cities to live.

More than a holiday island

The impressive nature, the sparkling water and the pleasant subtropical climate make the island perhaps the most famous and popular destination in the world. 300 sunny days a year give planning security for events and the range of outdoor activities is growing steadily. The accommodations and venues are numerous, wide-ranging and seem endless possibilities to offer.

Logistic competence

The Son Sant Joan airport, which is only eight kilometers away from the old town, is a nonstop of all major European countries, and the rest of the island's infrastructure is excellent. A population of almost one million is more than ten times the number of visitors per year. However, with such logistical herculean tasks, you will be able to manage your Majorca thanks to years of experience and a high degree of competence. For this reason, the island is one of our leading destinations for events of all kinds, as the flexible possibilities and professionalism of this pearl of the Mediterranean is unmatched.





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